Support Your Dental Health with Regular Checkups

Paying a visit to the dentist every six months is not desirable for the vast majority of people. However, it is one of the most important factors for maintaining your dental health. You could be considering skipping your regular dental checkup because of cost or other factors such as time or even dental anxiety, but in order to best support your dental health, regular cleanings and dental examinations are crucial. Regular dentist visits can detect and prevent more serious issues saving you time, stress and money while preserving a beautiful smile with healthy teeth and gums.

Dental professionals do more than treat toothaches and other dental problems. They professionally clean your teeth making sure that teeth and gums are healthy while checking for any abnormalities that may have surfaced. If the abnormalities or problems go unnoticed and untreated, they could lead to larger health issues. Dentists also make sure that the bones in your jaw are strong and working properly. They will also try to correct certain habits, which could be harming your oral health.

Here are some of the most important reasons as to why you should support your dental health with regular checkups:

Detection Of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer can quickly progress and become life threatening if gone undetected and undiagnosed. Thankfully, an early stage oral cancer diagnosis is often treatable making regular checkups crucial.

Plaque, Tartar and Cavities

Various types of toothbrushes and floss options are available in stores, however home products can still miss food that has accumulated in small areas of the mouth. Even with regular brushing and flossing, plaque can build up. As plaque builds up, it becomes tougher to remove and then solidifies turning into tartar, which is very difficult to get remove without any professional help and specialized tools.

According to Dr. Barton H. Foutz, DDS, proper dental cleanings can block tartar from eroding teeth and forming holes in them, which is how cavities are formed. A toothache is typically a warning sign that a cavity has developed. If ignored, a cavity will lead to tooth decay and greater damage to the tooth, which in turn requires more extensive dental procedures and more frequent visits to the dentist.

Through regular dental cleanings and examinations, you can reduce the amount of plaque and tartar build up on your teeth preventing cavities and other dental problems.

Gum Diseases

Plaque and Tartar buildup not only causes tooth decay and cavities, but it can also cause damage to gum tissues. The gum disease Gingivitis develops when there is a buildup of tartar resulting in an infection where the gum gets pulled away from the tooth to which it is connected. Regular dental checkups can detect gingivitis allowing you to treat it before it can spread or worsen.


Head, Neck and Lymph Node Checks

Dentists not only check your teeth and gums, they also check your neck, jaw and the lymph nodes located just below your jaw line. They will look for any swelling, lumps or other abnormalities that could point to other major health issues. Through consistent dental exams, your dentist is able to alert you of any changes or abnormalities and refer you to the appropriate medical professional before something can become worse.


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