Effective Tips to Recover Fast after Botox

Botox treatment is a type of a non-invasive treatment aimed at reducing lines, wrinkles, and any other facial signs of aging. In all other treatments, it is always necessary that the patients must follow the instruction of the doctor right after the treatment.


The Botox injections are mainly used inside particular muscles and only a trained and experienced doctor will see to it that the only those muscles targeted are injected. Just like reduce breast size by Dr. Naveen Somia, it must be performed by a reliable surgeon.

Pain right after the Botox Treatment

Majority of the patients do not report feeling pain right after undergoing Botox treatment. The doctor injects the Botox cosmetic into the muscles that are located underneath the skin. The patients can often feel the injection.

The doctor would be very careful to target particular muscle groups so that only those necessary muscles will receive the treatment. When the injections have been successfully administered, the aftercare instructions will then be provided by the doctor.

How to deal with swelling and bruising after Botox?

There are some small red dots that might be visible on the skin after Botox treatment along with minor bruising. On the other hand, both the bruising and red dots from the treatment will fade after several hours. Because of this, it is always a great idea to follow the instruction of the doctor for Botox treatment aftercare in order to ensure that you will achieve nothing but optimal results.

 There are some patients who choose to apply lightweight cold compress to the treated after the procedure. Aside from that, swelling or bruising can be reduced with the help of a makeup.


Aftercare Instructions to easily recover after Botox

When the aftercare instructions for Botox treatment are properly followed, the recovery procedure is quick. Immediately right after administering injections, the doctor might have you perform some facial exercises. Through observing the facial movements, the doctor will surely be able to know the results of the Botox treatment and tell whether the right muscles were targeted.

Your doctor may also recommend you to use sunscreen. It must offer broadband protection both UVB and UVA and should have SPF 30 or even more. Whilst the aftercare does not need downtime and the normal activities can be resumed after the Botox procedure, the patients are still advised to wait twenty four hours before they take part in strenuous activities.

As much as possible, avoid lying down for four up to five hours following the Botox treatment. In addition to that, you must also avoid massaging the treated area. Also, make sure to ask your doctor regarding the recommendations she might have about the changes in your skin regimen or even the use of drugs and medicines in conjunction with the Botox treatment.

Following the aftercare instructions is the best way you can do to recover fast after Botox. Occasionally, the treatment can trigger acne flare. If this happens, visit Dr Naveen Somia now if you need an acne medication. This way, you can be sure to recover fast without experiencing any serious complication.


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