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Welcome to FTIDental.com! Future Technology in Implantology and Dental Science is your source for all the latest news in dental industry advances and current events.

At FTIDental.com, we work to provide up to the minute news on the newest procedures happening in your dentist’s office today, becoming available soon, or just entering the experimental treatment phase. Environmentally friendly green dentistry technology, recent innovations that make repairing and replacing compromised or lost teeth even faster and easier, the hot trends in dental beauty treatments like cosmetic whitening and alignment correction with orthodontics are all important topics that we will cover with a unique perspective and inside knowledge.

Our sponsors include a rotating panel of local dental professionals known and applauded for consistently advancing new procedures and treatment solutions in their dental, orthodontic, and surgical practices.

Keep up with us to learn about all of your options for promoting and preserving your optimal dental health and attractiveness.

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